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  • Vice President of Operations
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  • Vice President of Purchasing
  • Chief Engineer of Fleet
  • Chief Engineer for Natural Gas Vehicles
  • Chief Engineer
  • Senior Director of Fleet Operations
  • Director of Fleet
  • Director of Transportation
  • Director of Equipment
  • Director of Sustainability
  • Fleet Manager
  • Fleet Asset Manager

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  • Specialist Conversion Companies
  • Gas Tank Manufacturers
  • Natural Gas Vehicle Maintenance Specialists

About The Organizers:

American Business Conferences is a world-leading provider of content driven, information rich business summits with a long history in both the Unconventional Oil & Gas and Automotive sectors.

Each of our summit agendas are researched intensively with the industries they serve, and designed to deliver an unprecedented level of detail to provide practical solutions on strategic, tactical and technical challenges.

Natural Gas Fleet Vehicles Congress 2012

All Fleet Operators are currently faced with the bottom line impact of high oil prices. Whether temporary or not this has served to highlight overall dependency on foreign oil and a total lack of control over the cost of this import.

Natural gas on the other hand, due to the excess in North American deposits and resultant low price, has now become a viable cost reduction fuel alternative that could provide the industry with a sustainable and abundant fuel source both in the here and now and moving forward.

However, in order for widespread fleet integration significant questions must be addressed over infrastructure development, vehicle acquisition costs, performance capabilities, and crucially the break down of economics in the short, medium and long term, to determine payback on investment.

Answering this need, the mission of the inaugural Natural Gas Fleet Vehicles North American Congress 2012 is to provide a dedicated and focused platform to share experiences amongst the fleet vehicle community to enable evidence-based decisions and accelerate the move to natural gas.

National Fleet Directors and Senior Managers provided first hand insights, through use of real world data, the fundamental facts of truck acquisition costs, fuel costs, maintenance costs, depreciation over full life usage, costs for additional fueling, and payload penalty.

Delivering the most comprehensive analysis to date, this unique Congress brought together senior decision makers from every section of the industry, honing in on the key need to know commercial issues to give you a complete picture of the cost, introduction strategies and operation expectations related to adopting natural gas for your fleet.

Networking Drinks Reception

Encana Oil and Gas

"I thought the conference was great. It was very well organized and I felt the content was superb"


O&G Series


  • The most comprehensive, commercially focused North America Congress entirely dedicated to natural gas for fleet vehicle applications with an agenda directly reflecting the entire spectrum of interests and experiences spanning from start up costs to infrastructure development and vehicle operations
  • Hear exclusive strategic insights from 20+ Fleet Operators encompassing the full range of natural gas know-how from early technology adopters through to companies assessing NG introduction
  • Participate in high level discussions breaking down the crucial aspects affecting this multi-faceted business decision including infrastructure development, vehicle performance, conversion strategies, maintenance and safety considerations
  • Investigate the detailed business cost strategies linked to natural gas vehicle introduction, operation, through life cost and return on investment through detailed Fleet Operator case studies
  • Take the opportunity to network with industry leaders, in a focused high level environment with the key decision makers and influencers amongst Fleet Operators, Gas Suppliers, Infrastructure Developers and Vehicle OEMs amongst others
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